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Meet one of Shorashim's newest full-time staff members, Becky Savitt. Becky was Birthright Israel's first "ambassador of the month" and joined the Shorashim team last week as our Program Associate. We are so excited to welcome Becky and we're looking forward to many exciting things to come!

Lily Frank

Today, we visited the cemetery at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. It was the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen, with graves dedicated to various Israelis, soldiers, and those killed as a result of terrorism.

Deborah Steinberg

Our morning began at Yad Vashem
The national holocaust museum in Jerusalem

A curving path in the triangular hall
Represented the confusion and chaos of it all

Max Bluestein

Why must Israeli soldiers wear uniforms at the Holocaust museum?

Nearly everyone who enters Israel’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, has a moment that helps them conceptualize that one infamous statistic – six million.

David Kanter

The night ended with quiet reflection as we looked up at the stars high above the desert. As we dozed off in our big tent, we were exhausted from another action-packed day but excited for new adventures still to come.

Hannah Swirnow

We're finally out of the desert! We are sweaty, tired, and generally tanner.

Becca Pomerantz

Shabbat Shalom! I feel honored to write the trip blog post on a day that so many on our trip have been looking forward to – our community Shabbat at our beautiful hotel in Jerusalem.

Daveed Erikson

Friday morning to Saturday at sundown is the most surreal experience on the Birthright Israel trip. Independence Hall is not like any landmark we have in the United States. The womb of revolution was your best friend's house in  the middle of Tel Aviv.

Bradford McKeon

This morning we had the priveledge of visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. It is difficult to put into words the horrors of this atrocity, let alone develop an entire museum display to show case it, but Yad Vashem did not disappoint.