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We Take a Lot of Pictures


Photos courtesy of the lovely Chana Leah Rosenbaum.

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Shabbat and New Years


In America, most teenagers would be getting ready to celebrate New Years Eve. The participants of the Shorashim trip have been busy celebrating Shabbat instead.

An early start at 7 a.m. brought the 52 members of the group onto the bus to head to the city of Jerusalem. The holy land started off with a light rain, but sunshine followed when we entered Wailing Wall. Each person wrote a personal note and had the opportunity to pray and put their note into the wall.

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Travel Day & Day 1


We're here in Israel and everything is great! We were lucky to get out of Newark JUST before the snowstorm hit, and took off with just a slight delay. Our flight was smooth and, other than a lot of crying babies aboard, went without problem. Once we landed in Israel we were warmly greeted by our Israeli participants and staff and headed North to the Golan Heights. Even though it was after midnight in America, it was early morning in Israel, and we had a full day scheduled.

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