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Bus 162 continues to see more and more of Israel each day!


Tel Aviv is totally awesome! We began our adventures with a relaxing trip to the Mediterranean Sea located in the busy city of Tel Aviv.. It was so nice to layout on the beach and cool down with a swim in the ocean. Following our downtime we took a trip to the Independence Museum. It was neat to be in the exact place where Israel claimed its title as a Jewish state and learn about the geography of the land. Later that night all 47 of us hit the streets of Tel Aviv for a night out on the town. Exhausted and having a blast, we went to Hotel Deborah and got ready to head to Jerusalem in the AM!

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Welcome Home


Shalom to all from Shorashim Bus 162! As we leave the mystical and religious town, Tsfat, we wanted to reflect on our first 3 days on our trip through Israel. After a long 11 hour plane ride, we traveled up north to the Golan Heights. We checked into a kibbutz and spent the night meeting one another, including the 7 Israeli soldiers who would be sharing this experience with us. Early the next morning, we spent a couple hours hiking through Gilabun, a site of the Golan Heights abundant with rocky cliffs and beautiful waterfalls.

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