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Day #3: The Awsome Holy Cities!

It's 8 p.m. and I'm sitting on my cool porch next to room #7, Kibutz Parod. I had a long day, and when Sean asked me to write in the blog, it was pretty hard to remember the morning :)


Today we hiked at Mount Arbel, that's close to the Kineret. Our driver, Husein, took us there, and we all needed to climb down the mountain, and it wasn't so easy...I thought I was frightened of heights, but apparently I didn't know what real fear was...but thanks to the girl's screaming and panics, I learned very quickly :) I think it was very nice, we got to see a lot of great views from there, took really good pictures, and I also think that the fear and the adrenalin made our hike more extreme.


Later on we went to see a Jewish cemetary near the Kineret. At that cemetary were burried Jewish artists, and we focused on three of them:

1. Naumie Shemer, a poet that passed 6 years ago. Naumie had great songs and on top of it she had "Jerusalem of Gold". At first Benjamin read the translation of it in English, and right after that, Ifat, Adi, and I were asked to sing it, and we totally faked it...Although I have to say it was really exciting to do this in front of the group, and I even got the chills...

2. Rahel, another great poet that lived in the beginning of the 20th century.

3. Berl Catsanelson, a writer that loved growing his garden.


After the quickest visit ever (as Ori, our guide, said) in that cemetary, we were hurrying to the center of Tiberias to finally eat Shwarma in the holy land! (We meant to eat it the day before in Katzrin, but the place we went to was trying to rip us off, so we had to go to another place)

Laura and Amanda were very excited to eat at an authentic street vender, in spite of not being so comfortable...


After it, we drove to Sefad and saw the beauty of this holy city. We visited an old jewish temple from the 18th century, walked

through the narrow allies there, bought some gifts to our families and then went to see Abraham Levental. Abraham told us about the Kabalah, explained it a little, and was very enthusiastic about it. He said the word "Awsome" like 30 times...but he was very inspiring and charming.

Then we drove back to the Kibutz to have dinner. When on the bus Evan made us laugh with his jokes :) So now you'll need to excuse me because I need to go to the group activity, and Ori doesn't like

when we're late... You can ask Remmy, who was forced to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" on the bus because he wasn't there on time. I already mentioned I'm not a great singer so...Bye Bye!


Sincerly yours,

Super Shmulik.