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Day 4: Tel Aviv in one day!

Shalom once more faithful readers!

Yesterday began with an early boarding of bus 113 as we said goodbye to Kibbutz Afik as well as the Golan Heights. Destination? TEL AVIV! After a three hour drive that consisted of napping and dance parties, we finally arrived to the magnificant city. Our first stop was at Yitzhk Rabin Square. We learned all about the day he was assasinated. We were lucky enough to hear first hand accounts from our Israeli friends about their experience from that day. We felt a connection to their stories as they were similar to our experiences during 9/11. Next stop was the Tel Aviv market. We got to have our daily falafel/shawarma fix as well as have a try at haggeling for the best price at different shops! An hour and many shekels later, we went to the town of Jaffa. This is a place where Israelis and Arabs live together in unison. The sites were beautiful and there are stray cats everywhere. The cats here are like the squirrels in America! Crazy! After the quick tour of Jaffa we got to do what we had all been waiting for: SWIM IN THE MEDITERRANEAN! The water was perfect and we all had a blast jumping in the waves together. Once the clock hit six we hoppped onto the bus and went to our hotel. We had dinner and got all dressed up and were lucky enough to get a private concert from Udi Krauss. He is a member of a famous band here in Israel. He was fantasic! We ended our adventures with a night on the town and truly got to experience what Tel Aviv was all about.

Now it is 8:45 am on Thursday and we are on the bus once more headed to Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem. We cannot even fathome what is in store for us next.
But of course once we experience it, you will be the first to know.

We are all thinking of our families while having the time of our lives in Israel. Wish you were here!

- Becca and Jason