We hit the ground (and the water) running! | Shorashim - Israel with Israelis

We hit the ground (and the water) running!

Today was our first full day in Israel....we started our day with a typical Israeli breakfast of cheese, olives and bread. Oh wait, lets not forget about the chocolate spread! We went on a nice hike through the Zeviatan river which ended with a swim in hexagonal basalt rock pools. We encountered many cows, dodging the manure as we went along. We also passed many other birthright groups, but I felt comfortable in this one because they didn't seem to have much swag.

After working up an appetite on our hike, we had lunch where Ilan, the speedy falafel composer, was so excited to make our sandwiches that pickles were flying in the air; don't worry no one was hurt. We then rode along to find the Jordan River. At the river, we embarked on a life threatening activity of multiple dimensions. Groups of 4 to 6 people took a raft with two paddles and rowed for their lives to the end of the river, looting treasures and sinking enemies. After multiple failed attempts to sink other rafts, including rafts of people we didn't even know, from other Birthright trips, we made it to the end safely. At the conclusion of our epic day, and in an effort to get to know one another better, lurid secrets were revealed in some rapid fire speed dating.

::Yawn:: Lilah Tov.