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Bus 568

Deborah Steinberg - 08/20/2015

We escape the museum to see Israel under the glittering sun
To remind us that we’ll always have this home now that the war is done

Max Bluestein - 08/20/2015

"Israelis soldiers are required to wear their uniforms whenever they enter Yad Vashem to show respect for the dead. I left Yad Vashem wondering how I can pay my respect to Israeli soldiers."

David Kanter - 08/19/2015

The night ended with quiet reflection as we looked up at the stars high above the desert. As we dozed off in our big tent, we were exhausted from another action-packed day but excited for new adventures still to come.

Becca Pomerantz - 08/17/2015

"Everyone had something insightful to contribute, each idea unique and successful in expanding each of our horizons and making us feel more like a family."

Melissa Gilden - 08/15/2015

"We truly cherish every opportunity to deepen our understanding of Jewish history and culture."

Kate Arion - 08/12/2015

Under the shade of a eucalyptus tree, we took the time to meditate. In between deep breaths we were told to think about the present, be appreciative of this trip, and to realize the wonder of being here in the state of Israel. I hope all of us will carry these thoughts with us throughout the rest of the trip.

Bus 568 Staff - 08/12/2015

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