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Bus 551

By Benjamin Kromash - 05/31/2016

Such a creative outlet led to an afternoon of volleyball and watermelon at the beach. After splashing around we listened to Eshkol Nevo, the famous Israeli author. We discussed his renowned novels, writing process, and even got to share some of our own creative writings. He works closely with local university students by conducting writing workshops, so it was a brief but insightful afteroon.

Hannah Swirnow - 08/17/2015

We're finally out of the desert! We are sweaty, tired, and generally tanner.

Libby - 08/10/2015

A guide led us through the exhibits, and a lot of us watched the videos from survivors of the Holocaust. We each reacted to the experience in a different way, but we all thought it was incredibly powerful.

Macy Holtzman - 08/06/2015

On day three, a family was made as we laughed and shared beautiful experiences.  We all had a undeniable connection that was clearly evident by day three in Israel.

After finally getting a good nights sleep, we began the day by heading to Tel Dan for a morning hike. Following the hike, we went kayaking in the Jordan River.

We were so happy to finally arrive, and we were greeted by our new Israeli friends! We got on the bus and drove to the north to our kibbutz, Kibbutz Afik.

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