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Bus 913

Bus 913 Staff - 08/12/2015

After sharing about our experiences, it was apparent that we had an amazing experience that can never be recreated, but we have created amazing connections with one another and with Israel that will keep us bonded far beyond today.

Chad & Steve - 08/12/2015

Before entering the city, we passed through King David's tomb and how the city was built layer upon layer. In what felt like a renactment of Aladdin, we twisted and turned through Jerusalems narrow alleys, finally entering the Old City. 

Lindsay & Sarah - 08/10/2015

We went to a breathtaking viewpoint called Haas Promenade to admire the city and had a discussion. As we admired the Holy Land, we shared what Jerusalem and tradition meant to us.

We took "once-in-a-lifetime" pictures riding on the camels and each group gave their camel a name. We gathered for a Bedouin style dinner and cooked s'mores at the camp fire. Some of us even saw shooting stars!

Zach Leppo - 08/08/2015

The last two days were extremely meaningful to many people in the group including myself. Our second day in Tel Aviv consisted of a visit to Independence Hall and a view of the exact room Israel was declared a state in 1948.

Mitchell Cohen - 08/06/2015

Great people from all over, make up our unique #913 crew.
DC, Boston, Chicago, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, Israel, and of course Indiana too!

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#Birthright #Shorashim #Bus913

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