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Bus 554

We all spoke about our favorite parts of the trip and what we are taking away from the trip. We are sad to go back home tomorrow, but what we experienced together will forever stay with us. It will be extremely difficult to say goodbye to our Israeli friends, but our friendships willl last a lifetime.

Right when we reached the top of Masada we saw the sunrise; a view that most of us will always remember. We learned a lot about the incredible history that took place at Masada thousands of years ago. Afterwards, many of the participants had a joint bar and bat mitzvah ceremony together.

We got to try vegetables and fruit native to Israel and the juices from them. We made our own bread with homemade spices and had authentic Israeli ice cream before heading to our bus.

We took pictures in front of a spectacular view and took a moment to absorb the splendor of the Negev. Next, we drove to become immersed in the Bedouin culture.

After a meaningful morning, we went to the shuk (market) on Ben Yehuda street and got a taste of the busy environment right before Shabbat. We sampled Israeli pastries, drank fresh squeezed juice and picked up souvenirs.

Tzfat represents air. We were fascinated by the holy atmosphere surrounding us everywhere we walked. We had a little bit of free time to explore the area and we also listened to two of Tzfat's musicians play us Jewish music.

Tovah - 08/05/2015

We drove to our first hike, at Tel Dan. Surrounded by trees, we walked over the rocks hovering the flowing water and took many pictures with the beautiful view

Molly - 08/05/2015

We were met by our seven Israeli participants greeting us by singing and dancing. We made our way to the Ofir lookout and did the Shehecheyanu with grape juice.

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