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Bus 531

The light air reminded me of the sweet Jerusalem breeze I had felt just a few days prior. Upon our arrival in Jerusalem we returned to the shuk, this time far more crowded, bustling with people busily trying to get everything prepared in time for the sabbath

We now headed towards the Bedouin Tents located in the Negev Desert. With our thirst quenched, the Negev, and its Bedouin inhabitants, allowed us to experience quite a different taste of Israel’s culture and beauty.

The possibilities of haggling are endless, and the amount of gifts, trinkets, fruits, vegetables, spices, meats, restaurants, food stands

We were all very surprised after stepping in the water and realizing it felt like a hot tub. It was so cool being able to float in only 2 feet of water, and I was happy that there was minimal stinging during my experience.

We rafted the Jordan River, where we enjoyed each other's company and floated in the cool waters of the Jordan River.

Shabbat was a much needed day of rest for everybody on the trip. In the morning, we learned about the history of Kibbutz Shomrat and received a tour around the area. After, most of the people on the trip spent their free time at the local pool for swimming and sunbathing.

Despite having butterflies in our stomachs and exhaustion in our eyes, everyone immediately began to get to know each other. In the beautiful patio of our Kibbutz, the group began sharing our passions, hopes, and excitement.

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