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Bus 545

We had a very meaningful day today at Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust museum. The community of our group was apparent as we supported each other through the museum.

We spent Shabbat reflecting on the week we have had and forming an even stronger community among our group. Ww engaged in great discussion about our Jewish journeys and identities.

Shabbat In Jerusalem!

 We were lucky enough to see some fabulous mosaics dating back to the fourth century C.E. including a beautiful mosaic floor.

The sun was blazing, but we were all hat-ed and sunscreen-ed to protect us from its rays. The hike began down a long dusty road, and continued over a mud pit (through which MOST of us made it out unscathed).

After a scenic drive to a magical mountain, we began our journey on foot. A green landscape, complimented by pink flowers painted our path.

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