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Bus 683

Manny & Jared - 07/01/2015

The Weizmann Institute of Science where we engaged in a interactive display about space, healthcare, matter, and technology. We got to use digital Ouija boards, touch screens, and watched cool videos.

Manny & Jared - 06/30/2015

After lunch, we continued to the north western corner of the country to Rosh Hanikra. This site is located on Israel's border with Lebanon. The Mediterranean Sea has crashed into the rocks for thousands of years carving out grottos with beautiful vistas from within the rock.

Manny & Jared - 06/29/2015

Our last stop of the day was a crowd favorite, the De Karina Chocolate Factory. Here, we saw some delectable chocolates being made, sampled some of the sweets and then we got to purchase some snacks, many got gifts for friends at home.

Manny & Jared - 06/28/2015

Our day started with an intense, emotional trip to Yad Vashem, which is the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. Our, Swedish-born, Israeli tour guide began our tour with the history leading up to the Shoa and highlighted personal stories and accounts of victims.

Bus 683, dressed to impress. gathered outside to get in the spirit of the the night and take the spiffiest of our group photos thus far.

Manny & Jared - 06/26/2015

The tour took us on a journey with five soldiers sharing their sacrifice and commitment to securing israel's borders, as David Ben Gurion secured her statehood.

Manny & Jared - 06/25/2015

The small alley ways and twisty roads are distinctly Jerusalem. As we explored all the nooks and crannies, we were able to relive where people lived, prayed and shopped over 2000 years ago.

Manny and Jared - 06/24/2015

There is only one way to appreciate the essence of the desert. With the sun shining bright, we held on for dear life as we were led by Bedouins on the backs of camels!

Manny and Jared - 06/23/2015

After a lovely welcome at Newark Airport, we got oriented and made it through security (minus a few tubes of sunscreen that were over 3.0 oz). The 11 hour flight gave us time to go from acquaintances to friends.

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