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Bus 560

I want to back up a bit to yesterday and talk about the Western Wall. I'm still finding it hard to accurately put into words how profound the experience was.

So much to see and do and so little time! I do not think I have ever experienced a busier week than my first week on this trip. It has been fast-paced, but an amazing adventure and learning experience so far and we are only half way through the trip.

Sat in the room where David Ben Gurion spoke the words and signed the document that transformed Israel from an idea into a country.

The beaches of Tel Aviv have a fine-grained sand the slips gently into the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, we visited the spiritual city of Tzfat where we toured through the hilly city filled with cobblestone passageways.

We started our day with a hike up and down an rocky, cave-pocked mountain near the Sea of Galilee. The trek was exhilarating.

We saw some truly breathtaking views of the hill we were hiking in against the backdrop of some lovely green field.

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