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Bus 542

In Tel Aviv, we experienced the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of an open air market, where you can find anything from counterfeit merchandise to handmade jewelry

The city of Jaffa contains such powerful history which allowed for the state of Israel to be born. The energy felt walking, and even standing on the streets contains the ancient wisdom of this year who walked before us.

Mike - 06/24/2015

The sights were exquisite. We began to learn more about each other as the sunlight and fresh air recharged us from our long journey the previous two days.

Check out some of our pictures from Jilaboun Trail!

Our Israeli peers awaited, with song, balloons, and fanfare; they joined our ranks, and in a sweaty circle, arm-in-arm, we kicked off our trip in an Achim circle.

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