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Bus 909

It was a long, but epic day. We began with a 3:40 wake up call from our fearless leaders to hike Masada. After a quick breakfast of Bedouin tea and crackers, we arrived at the mountain. the path up was a quick but steep hike of 20 minutes.

By Martin Bernstein

After a day of leisure and relaxing, Bus 909 returned to our early morning wake up call. The day's activities began with a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. Before embarking on our journey into the past, we each shared what emotion is personally evoked when we think of the Holocaust.

By Alice Koganova

By Lauren Meier

We finally climbed our way up to the top of the mountain where we were able to see some beautiful ruins. Feeling accomplished and extremely sweaty, we boarded the bus to Tzfat, an historically religious city where we changed into modest clothing in order to enter the synagogue which has been there since the 19th century.  Inside the synagogue was a beautiful and intricate ark that reached to the ceiling. Oh, and we definitely noshed on some freshly made falafel. Then, we strolled through the artist marketplace, admiring paintings and jewelry made from local artists. After one final stop at Arch Cave overlooking the gorgeous landscape, we stopped to talk about an Israeli soldiers memorial.

While standing in the midst of the border between Israel and Syria, we contemplated and discussed the future of this area, discovering it is a complicated situation without an easy solution. Between touring an old bunker once used by the Syrians and even seeing smoke in the distance, we all came together in hopes that there will be brighter days ahead for the land and those that live there.

After a smooth flight, we arrived in Israel on Tuesday at 1 pm local time. Our Shorashim tour educator, Ido, and the seven Israelis joining us surprised us with song and dance at the airport. 

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