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Bus 218

Ally Fox - 12/29/2015

Get to know the Israelis who traveled with us for 10 days. Hear their perspectives on the trip and what they love most about Israel!

Karen De La Pena - 12/27/2015

Making my commitment to my life as a Jew in front of my friends, who are like family, has been a precious moment that I will cherish my entire life.

Sarah Katz - 12/27/2015

A recipe

Sam Hoffman - 12/26/2015

Those who rest at Mt. Herzl are the embodiment of this unbreakable Israeli spirit that I have had the pleasure of experiencing the last 10 days. They live on through the people of Israel and will never be forgotten.

Gabby Cohen - 12/25/2015

Yesterday was an incredibly powerful day for members of Birthright #Bus218. 

Jordan Reznik - 12/24/2015

The hike was incredible. A few minutes after starting we reached a small oasis at the bottom of the valley. I felt so small looking up above at the walls of the valley and wondering how far up this hike would take us if at all.

Ally Fox - 12/23/2015

When you enter the triangular-shaped museum, which represents one star in the Star of David, you can see through the windows at the end of the museum.

Ariel Walcutt - 12/23/2015

Experiencing the local cuisine and atmosphere are my favorite ways of appreciating a different culture, and I'm looking forward to all the delicious tastes Jerusalem has to offer.

Josh Breger - 12/23/2015

It was a build-your-own Bedouin meal, the Chipotle of the Negev and hummus does not cost extra. For most, this meal was a crowd pleaser. Hannah Honey stated, "Hummus will never be the same" and Jordan Jalapeño added, "Nothin' better than eating with your hands." 

Samuel Feldman - 12/21/2015

After dinner we played a game, wherein some of us earned lasting nicknames: Ju-Ju Beans Jacob, Sam Salmon and Jordan Jalapeno to name a few!

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