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Bus 47

Carly Berke - 12/30/2015

We all know the familiar sound of an alarm buzzing awaking us from a few precious hours of sleep. We mumble a few things under our breath, usually profanities. We roll out of bed and force ourselves to throw on whatever we've set out to wear the night before or the first thing we see, whether it'

Joey Swerdlin - 12/29/2015

This day is exemplary of the multi-faceted nature of a Birthright Israel trip attempting to capture the complexity of Israeli life. Like the rest of the world, it is made of individual voices, and only by hearing each, one by one, can the whole picture be fully understood.

Josh Levanos - 12/27/2015

 On Friday December 25th, we spent the day in the Old City of Jerusalem. As a group, we had the pleasure of learning about and exploring the area. Before heading to Neve Shalom, where we stayed for Shabbat, our last activity in the Old City we had time to spend at the Kotel.

Casey Mazer - 12/26/2015

On the morning of the 24th, we left our home away from home at the kibbutz.

Bethanie Royalty Lindman; Simmons College - 12/24/2015

We end the day in the hot springs, feeling truly like one of the locals. In the warm water we relax, sharing stories that make us laugh.

Staff 47 - 12/24/2015

Some Pictures of Bus 47!

Samantha - 12/23/2015

Then we stopped for lunch and a bunch of us got our first Israeli falafel. The falafel here is 100x better than anything I've had in the states. It was also a good chance to talk to the Israelis on the trip and ask them about their life, favorite things to do, and what they like to eat.

Harris Stolzenberg, Natalie binder - 12/22/2015

We were greeted at the airport by our Israeli counterparts who were excited to join us on our Birthright trip. Eylen (our "tour guide") didn't waste anytime. He immediately had us stand in a big circle, in the middle of the airport, with our arms around each other screaming "Achim Achim Simcha Simcha" which means "Brothers Brothers Hapinness Happiness".

Shorashim - 12/06/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
*All pictures are either from your staff’s first trip to Israel, in general or as a staff person, or one of their favorite places*

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