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Bus 447

Brandon Golden - 12/29/2015

Other than one or two comments from group mates, I had no idea today was Christmas. No lights. No big red plastic Santa's, or reindeer, or sleighs. Just people, Jewish people going about the errands they need to complete before Shabbat.

Ben - 12/25/2015

We drove to the top of the mountain and hiked out to the edge for the most beautiful view of several Israeli villages and other scenery. We took a different way around and climbed down part of the mountain face where many of us faced our fear of heights.

By Nathan, an American And Eli, an Israeli - 12/24/2015

It serves as a buffer between the chaos of modern-day Syria, and the infinitely less chaotic modern day Israel.

Alli Hough - 12/23/2015

Shalom! Greetings from Shorashim. Today was our first official day of the Birthright Israel Tour and our first stop was a hike in the Golan Heights. The energy on the bus was electric and filled with excitement.

Eric Drell - 12/23/2015

I met Brandon, Ben, and a few others. As more people showed up I learned more names. I introduced myself so many times that I forgot what I said to whom. After putzing around the airport for a few hours we finally got on the plane at 5:30, took off at 6pm.

Shorashim - 12/11/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
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