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Juliana Liscio - 01/13/2016

The view of the sunrise over the mountains and Dead Sea was gorgeous, and it was incredible knowing that we were seeing practically the same view that Jews on Masada had seen thousands of years ago.

Blumenfeld - 01/10/2016

I feel so blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to witness Yad Vashem. I will never forget what I saw, or how I felt, and I will pass it on to my own children. Because if I never forget, the world won’t either.

Seth Bachman - 01/10/2016

What made this moment so remarkable is that I am standing a circle with people that I met only a few days before and through the power of Shabbat we all are sharing very personal stories that are very hard to talk about. Not only did I feel very blessed that I was in Israel for Shabbat, but I felt even more blessed to be with Jewish peers that felt the same way I did. This connection was AMAZING and I will never forget this moment and my first Shabbat in Israel. 

Ellery Marks - 01/08/2016

Finally, we got to go to the Western Wall. Since this is my first time in Israel, I have been looking forward to coming to the Western Wall for the entire trip. While writing my prayer, I became emotional while thinking about the things that meant the most to me in my life. I realized how lucky I am to be able to come to Israel and pray at the Western Wall, and I hope that my children and their children have that same opportunity.

Dan Berger - 01/07/2016

After breakfast we went to Independence Hall, the place where Israel’s Declaration of Independence was signed. We learned about the history of Tel Aviv, how the city arose from the desert just one hundred years ago.

Sarah Goldberg - 01/05/2016

Today, we kicked off our tour of Israel wth a hike in the beautiful Golan Heights. After lunch we went to the top of Mount Bental. It was a little chilly and windy because we were actually inside of a cloud, but I was happy because there was a coffee shop there! Later in the afternoon we travelled near the Sea of Galilee where we got a chance to swim and relax in the hot springs. Overall, it was a great day and I am very excited to continue our adventure here in Israel! 

Shorashim - 12/13/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
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