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Bus 13

Annabel Kuhn - 01/09/2016

As one of the few who is not actually a Tufts student, my Birthright experience has been particularly unique. All my new friendships are paired with these new experiences and I am proud to be in the presence of such incredible people as these Tufts students.

Carolyn Margulies - 01/05/2016

We arrived at Har Bental soon after, and immediately were amazed at the amazing view from the top of the mountain. However, in the true spirit of Birthright, we did not only look at our surroundings but immediately started our hike towards what we learned was one of the most important cities in ancient Israel.

Shorashim - 12/31/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
*All pictures are either from your staff’s first trip to Israel, in general or as a staff person, or one of their favorite places*

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