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Bus 77

Annica Moskow - 01/17/2016

With only a few days left, we are all reflecting on the time spent and the last ones we have. People have changed, grown, and made friends for life! I can say now that this has been an experience of a life time and will never forget. 

Jason Weiss - 01/15/2016

There was much to learn about his relentless work to build a home country for the Jewish people, but we will probably remember most the more personal facts; his headstand habit, the humble life he led, how his wedding was wedged between important meetings.

Lexi Nichols and Stephanie Student - 01/15/2016

As I listened to my group members discuss the pride that they felt to be Jews when we survived one of the hardest moments in human existence or the hope they felt as they believed the world could learn from this tragedy I realized that the next day would be more than just anger and sadness.

Jeff Gates - 01/11/2016

In the middle of Tel Aviv where the city is very much alive and thriving Israel lost one of its most important, beloved, and decisive prime ministers.  We interviewed people who were his soldiers, people who heard the gunshots, and others who were all touched by his death in some way.

Daniell Gaglini - 01/09/2016

He was a spirit filled with love and light, and being here with him was more than an honor (or what he would call a miracle). I felt so connected to Israel and to the group in this moment, and realized that nothing is an accident. We are all here together on this journey and that is the most amazing part. After 2000 years... Israel... The first people of our ancestors to be here. Whoa man! So awesome!

Jacob Goldenberg - 01/08/2016

But there, with my new American friends, I suddenly felt something different that I can't yet put in words. Luckily, I have another 9 days to find my way here.

Jeff Gates - 01/07/2016

The whole day our group became louder and louder with more laughter and conversations as time flew by. We're off to a great start.

Shorashim - 12/31/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
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