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Bus 46

Gideon Horberg - 01/15/2016

We went to the Dead Sea and we put on some mud, laid on the beach, and floated in the salty waters. We took many fun pictures and had a great time just floating around. Luckily, no one sank and we are able to continue on this amazing trip together!

Nicole Motta - 01/13/2016

The Mega Event truly was a culmination of all we have learned thus far and much more.

Zach - 01/12/2016

We had time to relax, get to know one another, and ease the transition into being in Israel. A few of the highlights from our weekend were a group yoga session, a nature walk through the kibbutz, and getting to know the people and lifestyle at the kibbutz

Shorashim - 12/13/2015

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
*All pictures are either from your staff’s first trip to Israel, in general or as a staff person, or one of their favorite places*

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