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Bus 16

Raissa Herscovitch - 01/18/2016

 Our tour guide gave us a summary of the area's history and encouraged us to conduct our own research as well so that we could form our own opinions. We talked a little about the Syrian refugee crisis and learned that Israel has a policy of treating any refugees in need of medical attention.

Shayna Fran - 01/17/2016

Even with each of us raised differently; conservative, reform, orthodox, secular, we all came together to share something very special. After four days of running around, we could finally rest. I feel so blessed to have met such an amazing group if people that I can already call my family! 

Rebecca Barlas - 01/13/2016

On top of Mount Arbel we all sang a nigun and learned some sign language from our resident ASL expert, Rachel Greenberg. Our hike down the mountain was challenging, but beautiful, with views of the Sea of Galilee and a Bedouin village.

Shorashim - 01/09/2016

Get ready for an amazing adventure! #Birthright #Shorashim
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