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Bus 874

Talia Hermesh & By Paula Levine - 06/08/2015

"After just seven short days, the group mentality and energy is a strong one, proving to me that the bond of religion or of a shared history is a powerful one that draws us together, in times of need and in times of leisure too.  Now, as I sit under the stars at our kibbutz under Masada, writing this blog post as my friends lay near me looking up at the sky, I understand the purpose of this Birthright trip. This is a lasting camaraderie."

Samantha Langsworth - 06/07/2015

"I felt at home even though I was in a different country. I felt comfortable with people I had just met only five days ago."

Elianna Wasser - 06/06/2015

"Next stop was Rabin Square where we learned about what shook up Israel on the quest for peace . Then, what we were all waiting for, heading to the beach! We tanned, swam in the Mediterranean, and fixed our hiking tan lines on the sand."

We at some tasty falafel and shawarma, visited a synagogue, and explored Tzfat's vibrant art community with an impressive glass-blowing demonstration.

We explored the natural beauty of the Golan Heights with a hike at Zavitan. Some brave 874ers took a dip in the pools while others sat together and wrote a lovely first-day haiku

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