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Bus 513

Today was a hot day! It reached 105 degrees here in the south of Israel. We began our day at Earth's Promise, a very cool non-profit organization, which creates community gardens and reclaims land for community use.

It was really a unique and uplifting day!

Today we were able to sleep in until 11:30 and enjoy a relaxing day by the pool. We all grew to love Shabbat even more than we already did. We focused a little less on technology and more on the people who we had less than five more days to spend together with.

By Emma Katz

I'll start off by saying `Hi Mom!' (and Dad). Okay now, that I've gotten that out of the way, I can continue with what we did today.

Ali Bie - 06/05/2015

"Climbing Masada and floating in the Dead Sea were two of the most memorable experiences I've had so far. I was looking forward to doing both of these and I'm so glad that I finally did it!"

"From there, we visited an overlook over Makhtesh Ramon, then drove to a Bedouin city, where we had great coffee and got to ride camels, which for many of us was thing we were looking forward to most...and it was awesome."

Rachel Truger - 06/02/2015

"After our discussion, we went to Tel Aviv's largest and busiest Shuk, Shuk haCarmel, where we got to explore different vendors selling goods from dried fruits, exotic spices, clothing, and footwear."

"We got the chance to swim in the Mediterranean, eat gelato, and see an incredible off Broadway show that is originally from Israel. The show was so funny and awesome it kept us laughing the whole time."

Nikki Rodriguez - 06/01/2015

"I cannot speak for all the members on our trip because seeing the Western Wall is a different experience for everybody, but leaving a note and standing face-to-face with one of the holiest landmarks of Judaism was remarkable."

"Shabbat lunch was delicious and spirited, and then we played basketball, went swimming and got to know each other while enjoying the beautiful sunshine."

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