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Bus 797

"The sunrise from the top of the mountain was more legendary than any of Barney Stinson's charades."

Ryan Bishop - 06/04/2015

"We visited the site of Ben Gurion's grave. It was a beautiful view! The group discussed the stories about him, the most important Zionist of all time. We talked about how his dream and belief that the future of Israel is in the desert. I looked out myself and imagined in the vast canyon full of beautiful cities, and I could see where Ben Gurion's fantasy came from. "

Michael Lemonick - 06/02/2015

We enjoyed a guided tour of the museum, but we wrestled with emotions as we made our way through graphic and powerful exhibits. Our tour concluded with a debrief and reflection period where, in small groups, we shared our feelings of grief, sorrow, hope and optimism.

After the discussion we finally entered the square where the Western Wall is located. It was such a powerful sight to see not only all the Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, but also all the people that were there for a chance to touch the wall for even a second.

Marlee Silverstein - 05/31/2015

We learned about Ben-Gurion's achievement of independence as well as the history of the hall itself, the home of Tel Aviv's first mayor, Meir Dizengoff.

After lunch and the Kiddush prayers, Yossi led a small group around our kibbutz to show us the community, and to tell us about the history and evolution of the kibbutz in Israel.

Daniel Posner - 05/28/2015

We've been in Israel for 24 hours now and I feel as though I have new lifetime friends and I've learned more in this period of time than any other day of my life.

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