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Bus 512

Check out this great video made by Amanda B.G.

All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon filled with love and appreciation for a place that has so much history.

"I finished with doing what I have done on every visit: writing in the book by the exit of the museum about the experience. Don't remember what I wrote in previous years, but no doubt on each visit, it feels more moving than the one before."

  1. You are welcomed by a sunset over a beautiful view listening to bleating sheep, clucking chickens, and the strum of a guitar. 
  2. You will see an Arab and a Jew living next door to one another. 
  3. There are cats. cats, and more cats EVERYWHERE (Cats in Israel are to squirrels in the United States!) 
"Avraham gave us an introduction to Kaballah, describing it as all of the inner spiritual meanings and teachings of Judaism. He told us that one of the main teachings of Kaballah is that everything and anything does not happen by coincidence. Everything in life happens for a reason according to the Kaballah, and every little decision that is made, even the bad, helps us to make sense of our spiritual self."

By Kory Geller

What happens in Israel does not stay in Israel. How could it?! 

You just want to look out over the Sea of Galilei and shout out how amazing everything is! Oh, wait, I did that!! Getting to this beautiful country was much quicker than I had expected.

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