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Bus 508

Our first stop on June 11th was at Pluristem, a biotech company in Haifa that manufactures its own brand of modified placental cells for use in a wide variety of therapies.

The morning of the 10th of June, our MIT extension group ventured to the Tel Ha Shomer area to a ground forces Army base for the Israeli Defense Force.

We were told we were going to a startup that works on an accelerator. I thought it was some MechE something or other to measure acceleration. Nope.

Yesterday,we went to two exciting companies in Jerusalum, Voiceitt and OrCam. Voiceitt is working on apps to help people with impaired speech, motor disorders, and degenerative conditions by empowering them to communicate.

It was a beautiful hike to a waterfall and up to a gorgeous view. Like all Israeli trails, it ended with a giant staircase and ice cream (for some reason hikes in Israel all seem to end that way).

It was a very difficult hike -- completely uphill (a few people counted the stairs and settled on a number between 962-976). The trek was definitely worth it because the sunrise from the top was absolutely beautiful.

They live in tents and are very spiritual people from my understanding. One of the Bedouins spoke to us about their culture and the way they live. They have very little communication with the outside world and rely solely on themselves for resources.

I never realized how influential Rabin was in the war of independence and the role he played during the siege of Jerusalem. He was such an important Israeli General and politician.

Ethan and Yuval were surrounded by crowds of children, laughing and asking to be picked up. Everyone was blown away by how good they were with the kids, and as promised, the kids were very, very cute.

We ventured to Mt. Arbel, where we went on a beautiful yet challenging hike. While some of the hike consisted of climbing down the side of the mountain, we conquered our fears and saw the beautiful historic sites as well as the city of Tzfat in the distance.

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