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Bus 898

Today, we went to the agricultural farm called the Salad Trail, visited the indoor playground at Sderot, built by Jewish National Fund, visited the grave of David Ben Gurion and his wife, hiked through the desert oasis at Ein Uvdat,  went on amazing camel rides, and stayed in the Bedouin tents.

We had a great day filled with rest and relaxation by the pool. We also focused on some interesting Jewish identity activities, did a short service, and then went out for dinner. Fun day!

Photo credit: Dana Zezmer

Today, we went on an amazing hike through the sand dunes near Ashdod. After which, we had schwarma, the first time for many! Then, we began our preparations for shabbat, which I am really looking forward to!

Photo credit: Tali Neiger, Katelyn Buyarski, Dana Zezmer, and Emily Woolf

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