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Bus 517

By Brad Cutler

By Keira Mezei

By Naama Broer from Israel

Today, we visited Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem.

By Allison Braun

By Rebecca Kahn-Witman

By Jacob Kash

Shalom from Israel! My name is Sami Siegel and I am from Chicago, Illinois. Being in Israel has been one of the greatast adventures I have been able to experience and I can;t wait to see what the next week holds. Day three has been off to a great start as we headed towards Mt.

Today, Or Tubul and Keira Mezei are writing together to tell you what an amazing first night and second day we've had!

Welcome to the first blog post for Bus 517! We arrived safely in Tel Aviv this morning to cheers, song and dancing, and we have quickly gotten to know the 47 participants, 39 Americans, seven Israelis, and one Canadian, who we will be traveling with the next 10 days.

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