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Bus 539

On our final day in Israel, we went to Kiryat Gat to play with elementary school children and helped them with their English.

After a few hours of fun, one of our seven Israeli soldiers, Yuval, welcomed us into her beautiful home and treated us to some delicious snacks!

Hello from Jerusalem, this is Bill Mackelfresh here to tell you guys about our adventure at Masada.

Hey moms and dads! We woke up at the Bedouin village after a beautiful night of stargazing and dancing and playing music. First thing in the morning, we took a nice morning camel ride around the outside of the camp. The desert was barren and beautiful.

Today, we visited Israel's famous Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Out of respect for the memorial, there were no pictures taken of the exhibit. The amount of emotions and reflections from each one of us was more than enough to represent the memories of the tour.

Hi, my name is Bellamy and I'm the lucky winner of the tablet for day four of our trip. This morning, we woke up tired from our night out in Tel Aviv, but excited about our new adventures that awaited us in Jerusalem.

Today was a great fun filled day in Tel Aviv. After setting the mood with someone's story, we toured Rabin Square and took the beach by storm! Independence Hall and a Roi Levy concert were a wonderful way to bring the day to a close, so we could get out for a night on the town!

We started our day in our gratitude circle and Bill was the first of us to jump in and lead. He put our entire trip in perspective saying that he felt as if he had gained 46 more family members. With that in mind, we took on our day.

Stephanie was the lucky winner of getting the tablet to take pictures on today!

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