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Bus 818

By Andrew Max and Danielle McKinstry - 05/23/2016

Seriously, these past ten days have flown by. It was an incredible, life changing experience for Bus 818 and we can't wait to see our friends back on campus in the Fall! It's not goodbye, it's see you later, Israel. 

By Danielle McKinstry and Andrew Max - 05/19/2016

After an hour drive from sunrise on Masada, we arrived at our Dead Sea destination. We all ran off the bus in excitement to finally be a part of this classic birthright stop. When we first stepped into the sea, many of us immediately sunk into the famous Dead Sea mud on the shore. It was way too fun to describe! We freed ourselves only to find that we could float without any effort at all in the water itself. It was an incredible feeling that we can never forget. After soaking in the water for a short time, we got out and lathered up in the mud, let it dry on our skin, took lots of pictures, and then got right back in the water to wash off all that famous mud. It was amazing how instantly our skin felt smooth and fresh from this mud! The Dead Sea was definitely another highlight of the trip so far!

By Meredith Woociker, Michael Raymond, Corey Cohen, and Danielle Reischer - 05/19/2016

Our hike was called Ein Ovdat and we were not the only group who had the same idea. At the waterfall we were lined up with a few other groups but we are pretty sure we got the best pictures of the day. We could've stayed there for hours trying to capture the beauty and by the time we got back, there were definitely a few of us Floridians who had fallen in love with hiking in general! 

Allie Warner - 05/17/2016

We ended the night by walking out in the desert and looking at the stars. Too often in our lives are we surrounded by buildings, lights, etc. that obstruct our view of the night sky. We all appreciated being in the desert for a night 

By Dylan Luxenburg, Jordan Feld, and Danielle Amir - 05/16/2016
Today was a very busy day for all of us on bus 818! Not only did we have a lot to see, but we traveled through Israel's two largest and most iconic cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!
By Danielle and Andrew - 05/15/2016

We drove a "short forty minutes" to our next destination; the ancient and spiritual city of Tzfat. After a short tour of the city and an explanation of Kabbalah, mystical Judasim, we entered a synagogue that was hundreds of years old to see its beauty and very different style from a traditional synagogue that we are used to in the United States. The beauty and history that was shown to us in this place of worship was both inspiring and breath-taking.

By Sharon Vainshtein, Brooke Gardner, Frank Lawrence, Joshua Levine, and Jared Weisman - 05/14/2016

Today was a very special and relaxing day filled with Judaism and exploration, but we wouldn't be doing our trip justice if we didn't describe our first full day of Birthright to you.

By Danielle and Andrew - 05/12/2016

Looking forward to an exciting and physically demanding day tomorrow (filled with hiking and kyaking). Until tomorrow, time for some well-earned sleep!

By Shorashim - 05/07/2016

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