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Bus 358

By Alexa Winestock - 05/24/2016

We were lucky enough to have a special guest come talk to us after the tour was completed: our security guard's grandmother, Drora Schlacter. We sat in silence as we listened intently to her survival story of the Holocaust. She told us of how she had traveled to a few different cities and her encounters until she eventually ended up in the United States. The entire experience was extremely moving. 

By Aaron Applebaum - 05/24/2016

Then we all linked arms and walked with our eyes closed to a lookout just above the wall. On the count of three, we all opened our eyes and saw the wall for the first time all together. It was a very powerful moment.  We walked down to the wall carrying our little notes or prayers to put in the wall. The boys all went to one side and the girls the other. Many of the guys wore tefillin, most for the first time, as they stood and prayed at the holiest site in Judaism. We took some pictures and discussed this powerful emotional and religious experience as we headed back to the hotel for dinner.

By Annie echales - 05/23/2016

All together this experience has been incredibly rewarding whether we are traveling to Tel Aviv by bus or hiking our way down to a natural spring. My only wish is for the days to go by slower! We cant wait to see whats in store for tomorrow! 

By Robert Redman - 05/20/2016

Today was a very enjoyable day up in the north of Israel. It is tough to properly describe how amazing this sight was and how in awe our group was of this view. In all, Birthright has been unbelievably fun so far and my only expectation is that it will only get better!

By Yana Garmash - 05/19/2016

This day will be very hard to beat, but Bus 358 is excited to see what Shorashim holds in store for us tomorrow!

By Shorashim - 05/15/2016

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