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Bus 124

By Jonah Nemetz - 06/06/2016

We talked about what it's like to actually live in this country that we've all grown to love and face the issues that they do. Many of these issues have to do with serving in the army, which is a part of most Israelis' lives in ways that we can't really imagine, even though we've gotten a pretty good idea of the experience through our new Israeli friends' perspectives.

By Polina Prokhoda - 06/06/2016

Tel Aviv seemed to be a mix of a seaside city, a European city, and something more practical. Even though all of the groups were separate, there was an overarching sense of unity between the different birthright groups, which made all of us feel at home.

By Asa Gladstein - 05/25/2016

Even though it has only been 4 days, I can definitely say this is my favorite trip to Israel so far and I definitely hope to return. 

By Jacob Weiner - 05/23/2016

Osnat, our tour guide, took us on our first optional event, which was the Shabbat walk, and talked about the meaning of the Shabbat walk and our views on certain religious topics. It was amazing to see a majority of our mishpacha (family) there even though it was not required to go - #thepassionisreal.

By Jordan Toran - 05/22/2016

 I came upon a beautiful panoramic lookout spot of the mountains. It was such a beautiful spot, and something I don't ever see at home. I'm really excited to see what my other mornings look like here in Israel!

By Shorashim - 05/15/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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