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By David Blau - 05/31/2016

I really enjoyed the night life in Tel Aviv. It was a different cultural experience for us as it was exciting to do this with everyone. We made memories I'm sure we'll never forget.

By Ashley Young - 05/31/2016

The hike to the waterfall was my favorite part of today. There were so many canopies full of more flowers than I had ever seen at once protecting streams beneath that were so captivatingly beautiful, it was hard to keep moving at times; all I wanted to do was stare and stare and stare. It's hard to think of a more blissful moment I've felt than floating underneath that waterfall, hearing only my breath and the sound of pouring water. I was with a group of people who took their time getting to the waterfall, but although we may have held up the group a bit, it was worth it. I have never shared more laughs or felt so inexplicably happy.

By Ari Saplinsley - 05/31/2016

The day ended with a havdalah service, beautiful of course, which ended Shabbat and welcomed in the beginning of the next week. I'm sure I could say every part of the day was my favorite part of the day, but nothing beats havdalah (except for hummus - which will reiterate for emphasis later)

By Morgan Richmond - 05/26/2016

My day began by waking up at 3:50am in order to watch the beautiful morning sunrise at the top of Mt. Masada. At the top of this amazing mountain, our group explored Masada and learned about the history from this site. We watched as a few of my friends had their bar/bat mitzvah, which was very touching and inspriational! I then went to the Dead Sea where I floated alongside everyone and enjoyed the beautiful salty water.

By Tyler Faierstain - 05/25/2016

Holding the pigeons was my favorite part of the day so far because it was something I have never done and was also very meaningful. As our guide, Owen, taught us about these birds and their homing capabilities, it was quite the experience to be able to release them with our whole group. After we released them, the sprinklers turned on and sprayed us all as we laughed and ran out of them. It was a blast!

By Jordan Winston - 05/24/2016

What was your favorite part of the day and why? 
My favorite part of the day was the hike up mount Tzfachot. We learned so much about our culture and history.

By Yair Goldenberg - 05/24/2016

What Do You Want Americans To Know About Israel?
It is a great country with great people and a nice culture that is unique and exciting.

By Moriah Pitcher - 05/24/2016

My favorite part of the day was swimming in the waterfalls. :)

By Derek Spallone - 05/24/2016

Hiking and seeing the beautiful scenery was my favorite part of today. I can't wait for the beach tomorrow!

By Shorashim - 05/19/2016

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