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Bus 461

By Katie Blank - 06/02/2016

We went to the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Playground in Sderot. What made this playground unique was it was all indoors and individuals can get to a safety room in under 15 seconds, if need be. This playground had a wide variety of equipment for all ages and we had fun playing on the big kid equipment.

By Alison Steinberg - 06/02/2016

Not only did I get to watch a breathtaking sunrise, but I felt invincible- like I could conquer anything. 

By Tucker Robinson - 06/02/2016

A haiku poem of my experience in the Dead Sea.

By Rachel Roberman - 06/02/2016

It was awesome to be in the place where the State of Israel was born and I feel like we got to learn a lot about the country of Israel as a whole. 

By Sylvie Konner - 05/26/2016

There are certain things in life that when you finally reach the pot at the end of the rainbow, you know the journey was worth it, and this was one of those things. Words just can't truly describe the waterfall and my attemps to describe it will not do it justice, but I felt so lucky watching my new and old friends dive in to refresh in one of nature's amazing gifts. It was honestly a perfect afternoon. 

By Shorashim - 05/20/2016

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