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By Miranda Gavrin - 06/02/2016

The sky by night in this desert is as indescribable as the land by day. I saw more stars than I've ever seen in my life, and a meteor as well.

By Eric Hefez - 06/02/2016

I am grateful for Israel. I am grateful for being Jewish. And I am soon going to be grateful for the empty wallet I have back in Boston due to the beautiful experience it has been and all of the souvenirs and food I bought while experiencing this amazing trip. 

By Eric Hefez - 05/31/2016

So for now I will just lay here and enjoy all that I am sure of, proud of, and grateful for: that I am alive, that I am healthy,  that I am happy, and that I am blessed. 

By Miranda Gavrin - 05/31/2016

Our Shabbat service this evening was very pretty. It was nice to sing prayers I hadn't sang in years and to find that I still remembered them. After the service and the lovely kibbutz dinner, we split into groups and learned about each other's backgrounds, then played a game based on remembering people's names that had me paralyzed with laughter. 

By Miranda Gavrin - 05/27/2016

This morning we did a nature hike through some really pretty forest. The rocky path was challenging, so we were all careful to watch our step, instead of looking at the beautiful trees, but picking our footing was fun on its own.

By Eli Fine - 05/26/2016

Midway down the mountain we encountered a huge, awe-inspiring fortress, which Elaun explained was fortified by Muslims after they held the crusaders off at the end of the first crusade. It was amazing to stumble upon such an amazing piece of history!

By Miranda Gavrin - 05/25/2016

We went to a candle museum and Oh My Goodness I took so many pictures and now I want to learn to make candles. :) The rafting trip we took in the afternoon was super fun! We floated down the perfect-temperature river in the perfect-temperature shade, looking at pretty birds and trying not to run into the plants on either bank. After that, we went to an olive oil factory!

By Shorashim - 05/20/2016

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