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Bus 169

By Tulip B. Serbin - 06/03/2016

I cannot thank my group enough for making me feel so comfortable and supported during such a challenging time as this hike up Masada.  Hikes such as these are rough, but it's the end goal that makes it all worth it.

By Andrew Mandelbaum - 06/02/2016

But, what kind of inspiration should I draw from such an important place as the Western Wall? For me, I was inspired because it is our most powerful connection to the biblical past of Judaism and the original Jewish state. It is a place where everyone can find their own meaning and purpose. 

Stacey Sobelman - 05/29/2016

It was really interesting to see the many many uses for the olives that Israel is so well known for. Well, besides eating them of course!

By Shorashim - 05/20/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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