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Bus 9

By Sam Colgan - 06/02/2016

The 1-mile walk from Rabin Square to the Sarona Market gave us a good feel of the exciting and bustling city of Tel Aviv. 

By Lauren Post - 06/02/2016

Yad VaShem affected me especially, both as memorial to mark and educate the world about what happened, but also to demonstrate that life is still possible and if you will it so, it will go on. We can build countries, learn languages and customs, talk to the survivors we know, and take pride in our resilience.

By Molly R. and Rachel R. - 05/31/2016

When we visited the Western Wall, one of our group members put her mother, who is a Rabbi, on speakerphone to discuss the significance of the Western Wall to the Jews. Each member of our group then took time to experience the Western Wall in their own unique way. We said a prayer and left a note in the wall and then took step back to take in the overall significance of the moment.

By Nick Perls - 05/31/2016

Friday was another amazing day on our Birthright trip to Israel. On only our second day, I've watched the group become so close. Today alone, I witnessed pickup barefoot soccer, hair braiding, and a general inseparability among friends.

By Chelsea Zeig - 05/27/2016

As we brush away our nerves and butterflies for this new and exciting experience, we are welcomed to Israel and welcome our new found family (which also includes our seven Israelis we met at the airport!) with big and open arms.

By Shorashim - 05/20/2016

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