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Bus 181

By Elysa, Rachel, Ezra, Ben - 06/06/2016

After visiting the playground, we headed over to Kfar Hanokdim to ride camels and learn about Bedouins in the desert! The Bedouin hospitality included tea, coffee, and an amazing feast. 

By Sydney Rubinstein, Sara Siliznol, Madison Schott, and Julia Stern - 06/02/2016

The science research facility was incredibly impressive, the work they are doing is extremely important for the future of science and the birthday party for Holocaust Survivors was heartwarming. Our group had the honor of spending time with the families of our Israeli participants on our trip at their homes. It was an amazing afternoon that opened our eyes to the life of our new Israeli friends. 

Darian Ruderman, Naomi Kirschtel, George Fayner, Kayla Zagray - 06/01/2016

On the bus ride, many of us wrote letters to put into the wall, as well as the ones our family members gave us. We were lucky enough to witness many IDF soldiers gather by the western wall to prepare to be sworn into the IDF.

By Phoebe, Jacob, Jonny B, and Jenna - 05/31/2016

We spent a magnificent hour singing, splashing, and heading down the waterfall. Just when we thought the day couldn't get any more eventful, it was time to dance. An evening filled with laughter, dancing, and most importantly schvitzing, we had successfully learned 4 dances of our Jewish heritage whereby the majority of us made it out unscathed (one of us got a bit overly excited and hit the deck). 

By Gabe Rosen, Ilana Khatskelevich, Nikki Kabins, Becky Gilbert - 05/31/2016

After breakfast, we got together and played the speed dating game to get to know each other. It gave us time to meet each and get to know each person on the trip more individually. During our break before lunch, we all hung out, throwing around a frisbee or football, listening to music and playing with the dogs that were around the kibbutz. Many of us walked around exploring the kibbutz together. Some of us found a small garden with fresh fruit and an avocado tree. We also found a free outdoor gym. It was very cool to explore.

By Bus 181 - 05/31/2016

Many of us ate falafel and Schwarma which was very delicious. After lunch, we made our way to a park. There, we learned about many stories of soldiers in combat, as well as enjoyed the gorgeous view that we could only see at this park. On top of a hill, we saw the border of the Mediterranean and Lebanon, which was breathtaking. We got back to the kibbutz to prepare for Shabbat. Our Shabbat service was beautiful, held outside and filled with many memories. Once the service was over, we had our Oneg, which consisted of guitar playing and getting to know each other games. We concluded the day with lounging out in the kibbutz central area. We're excited to rest up on Shabbat and then continue our trip.

By Shorashim - 05/20/2016

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