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Bus 121

By Felicia Davidson and Ava - 06/09/2016

Talking to the Bedouin woman who is an activist for women's rights was our favorite part of today because she was working to positively change her community. 

By Clare Steinman - 06/08/2016

We woke up in the still-dark desert, barely able to make out the shadow of the mountain above us. After a sleepy breakfast, we began to climb the winding Snake Path of Mount Masada.

By Sultana Seban-Sumner - 06/07/2016

It was entrancing and intoxicating, the most hope I had ever witnessed, and in that moment I felt totally connected to all Jews across the world and across time. 

By Jordan Kranzler - 06/06/2016

We began our day Sunday at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, one of the most prominent Holocaust museums in the world.

There, our guide led us on the tour that looked at the Holocaust through the victims' perspectives. It was incredibly powerful. 

By J.D. Fishman - 06/06/2016

Today, we went to the house of one of our Israeli Participants, Tess. Her family was very hospitable, and we got to eat snacks and swim in her pool! It was really a very cool experience. 

By Abby Skerker & Carly Kaplan - 06/02/2016

What was your favorite part of the day and why? 
Speaking with Raecheli, an Ethiopian Jewish immigrant who lived in the Youth Village, and hearing her story. Speaking with her helped us appreciate how important Israel is to so many different people. 

By Emily Kaplan - 06/02/2016

I'm learning so much about Israeli culture from the Israelis on our trip.

By Shorashim - 05/29/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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