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Bus 463

By Michael Koplan - 06/29/2016

I'm so lucky that I could join this group. I can learn a lot from them and I will probably be in contact with some of them later after the trip ends. 

By Michael Koplan - 06/29/2016

The group was happy and bonding, and being such helped us realize that although we are guests in this beautiful land, we are already home.

By Bus 463 Bloggers - 06/27/2016

There truly is nothing like waking up at 3am for a seriously difficult hike up a mountain for the sunrise. We cheered each other on as we conquered what felt like thousands of winding stairs to reach the ancient fortress of Masada, the site of a famous Jewish rebellion against the Romans. We took a tour and a history lesson before climbing down in the heat of the day.

By Mandi Tellerino - 06/27/2016

I felt that it connected me to a part of Judaism that I only knew a little bit about before on the spiritual side. I really liked when he mentioned that nothing is a coincidence. When he mentioned that I realized how true that was and how it connected in my life. I believe that we all meant to be there and I was there for a purposeful reason.

By Bus 463 Blogging Committee - 06/27/2016

During this discussion, many birthrighters poured out their hearts and discussed very controversial topics. By the end, each one of us felt very emotional.

By Courtney Lunka - 06/27/2016

It was a great day and another opportunity to get to know the other participants on the trip.

By Shorashim - 06/15/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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