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Bus 457

By Hattie Stein - 07/01/2016

It was some of the most fun I've ever had; the students weren't shy at all and grabbed our hands to dance with them in circles and teach us their dance moves. 

By Jessica Schwartzwald - 06/27/2016

As soon as we knew it, we were at the top of the desert mountain, where every thing stood still. A breeze ran past our group as we looked over the edge and took in all the beauty. It was truly something.

By Jerri Rosenblum - 06/24/2016

This was a cyclical moment of reflection as the previous night we watched the moon rise. After hiking up and down Masada we went to the dead Sea to float around . The mud has a rejuvenate quality about it that left out little family glowing! Next we moved on to a bit of a leisurely afternoon shopping and eating in the giant Jerusalem market ! 

David Bohm - 06/24/2016

Starting on a trek through a canyon in Israel's southern district, we hiked from the bottom of the formation to the very tippy top. We were met with ancient lava marking from millions of years ago coupled with small caverns - one of which a monk lived - as well as a small river, pond, and steep stone stairs.

Steffi Pertsovsky - 06/23/2016

She decided to open up to us in this way because of the tight bond between each person in the group and the immense trust and acceptance that it holds. Sara's story led to the trip's theme of day: perseverance. 

By Jane Ellison - 06/21/2016

he most meaningful moment of the day was being able to touch and write a note at the Western Wall, and it was touching to see others showing their emotions and allowing themselves to be vulnerable together.

By Charley Gibson - 06/20/2016

"There’s so much to write about that it’s almost impossible to know where to start, or how to say it all."

By Jordyn Yale - 06/19/2016

We  ended the day with the most fun activity, kayaking on the Jordan River. Now we are about to celebrate our first Shabbat in Israel and we could not be more excited to experience it.

By Shorashim - 06/15/2016

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