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Bus 221

By Danika Kimelman - 06/28/2016

We really came together as a family for our last Shabbat together. It was really amazing how the group became so close and cohesive after only spending ten days together. Feeling like we were a Birthright family made the experience that much more special.

By Mindy Cimini - 06/25/2016

Combining Tsfat and Tel Aviv in one day made for an interesting contrast between old and new.

By Rachel Stern - 06/23/2016

I saw my group, my bBrthright family, and I saw a camel parade of adults who have chosen enthusiasm to be able to have an incredibly amazing experience.  It's a choice to do bBrthright just as it is to be excited. Birthright was a choice we made for different reasons - mine was largely because I haven't traveled and this was free. However, if I had any idea what this trip would mean to me before, I would have paid any amount for this experience (but I'm still really glad I didn't have to).

By Jackson Buckley - 06/23/2016

What Yad Vashem leaves me interested in is how to turn away from the path that leads to the museum, and how to turn toward the path of the Righteous Among the Nations, not only at large, but in my own life. 

By Maxwell Klausner - 06/20/2016

From their we traveled to Jerusalem Beach (still in Tel Aviv, contrary to its moniker), where we spent an hour and a half wading in the gorgeous, crystal-clear Mediterranean. Then we explored the shuk marketplace for lunch, before boarding the bus and heading for the nation's capital. 

By Eden Fury & Rachel Weinstein - 06/19/2016

It was an extremely successful first day on Bus 221. Waking up at the Kibbutz was an unforgettable experience in itself. We quickly discovered that we shared the space with families, our Israeli peers and to our surprise, tons of cats and dogs.

By Shorashim - 06/15/2016

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