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By Jeff Solnat - 06/27/2016

After wrapping up surf lessons, history lessons and conversations about faith on Sunday, we began one of our most active and enriching days of the trip on Monday morning with a hike through the historic Golan Heights.

By Marlee Goldstein - 06/25/2016

After five days in Israel, the visit to Yad Vashem was not an easy one, but the opportunity experience this in a tight knit group of both Americans and Israelis was so valuable. 

By Abby Goron - 06/24/2016

There was a wide spectrum of feelings within the group, and after only three days, it really opened my mind and heart to everyone's story and background. Surprisingly, sharing something so intimate made me very comfortable with these 47 people that I just met, and I continue to get to know them better every day. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be on this trip with every wonderful person here, and bond through not only religion, but stories and life experiences. I wouldn't have it any other way!

By Nicole Siegel - 06/20/2016

We officially rang in our Birthright journey on the beaches of Tel Aviv by singing Shehecheyanu. It was a special moment because this was the beginning of new adventures and new friendships. After we checked into the hotel, we rested and then got ready for our first Shabbat. Our first Shabbat was on the roof of our hotel and it overlooked the sunset over the  Mediterranean Sea. It was pretty special and breathtaking bringing in Shabbat with a view like that. 

By Shorashim - 06/15/2016

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