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Bus 273

By Dani Tuchman - 06/30/2016

Reflecting on the new experiences I had today reminded me of how lucky I am to have received this gift. There is no gift like it anywhere.

By Phoebe Shigley - 06/28/2016

We were then presented with the most delicious dinner a Mediterranean-loving vegetation could desire. After dinner, I was in 'The Secret of Herbs and their Uses' workshop and the most kind-hearted, adorable man shared his expertise on growing herbs and the distinct benefit that each herb can have on a human's health.

By Brandon Lane and Ben Grabell - 06/25/2016

Our first full day in Israel gave us a real taste for what to expect for the coming trip. We met the Israelis who would be with us for the entire 10 days, and embarked on our way to the Golan Heights. Once there,  we embarked on a three hour hike to a water hole where we got the chance to swim. Along the way, we climbed through the arid terrain.

By Shorashim - 06/18/2016

Get to know your #Birthright Israel #Shorashim Staff!

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