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Bus 275

By Noah Robinson - 07/08/2016

When Hatikvah flowed triumphantly from the speakers, the emotions were raw and powerful and we rose to our feet as one. Achdout – literally "unity" in Hebrew, but translating to a more powerful sentiment than our word conveys – is a contagion that has infected our whole group. 

By Charlene Kormondy - 07/08/2016

Many of us had never ridden a camel before and we were all very excited. We named our camels and took tons of pictures with them. 

By Lauren Gendzier - 07/08/2016

We saw some beautiful artwork on the way out of the old city.

By Lauren Gendzier - 07/08/2016

For some of us, this was our first Shabbat experience.

By Lauren Gendzier - 07/08/2016

We then trekked up to the bus on a short and sweet climb up broken rocks that served as a natural staircase. It was beautiful.

By Arthur Schweitzer - 07/08/2016

We have new friends an exciting and busy day waiting tomorrow. :)

By Arthur Schweitzer - 07/07/2016

We wished our luggage safe travels and began our journey to Israel together.

By Shorashim - 06/19/2016

Brian Freedman

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