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Bus 854

By Tahis - 07/11/2016

I cannot put into the words how amazing this trip has been. I have learned more than I ever imagined learning about this beautiful country.

By Karina - 07/11/2016

The conversations were intriguing and it was eye opening to hear other participants' perspectives.

By Karina - 07/11/2016

Bar took us to an amazing rooftop with a view of the old city and the Western Wall.

By Laura Hiersteiner - 07/11/2016

It was an amazing experience to hear directly from Israelis in the site that this historic event occured.

By Bus 854 - 07/08/2016

Our hike in the Zavitan was strenous yet breathtaking and the swimming hole at the end made it all worth it. 

By Chet - 07/08/2016

The architecture of the museum is quite breathtaking.

By Alexa and Jamie - 07/08/2016

We were so lucky to have gotten to speak to someone whose life exemplified the struggles the Jews have faced and the impact these events had on the Israeli people.

By Brandi Argentar - 07/05/2016

The highlight of the day was when we were surprised with a trip to the home of an Israeli participant who lives on a Kibbutz nearby. It was so special to learn about this aspect of Israeli life and get the inside scoop of what it's like to live on a Kibbutz up North.

By Brandi Argentar - 07/05/2016

We formed a circle in the airport, chanting and dancing to "achim" and "simcha" which means "brothers" and "happiness." This quickly broke the ice and we were off to the North of Israel! 

By Shorashim - 07/01/2016

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