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By Alexis Shanes - 08/08/2016

Israel is the only country in the world with a rising number of trees and our efforts at planing trees today contributed to that positive statistic, which was very cool!

By Alexis Shanes - 08/08/2016

Our Israeli peers shared personal stories of loss in the IDF, opening our eyes to their reality and increasing our appreciation of their dedication and service to their country.

By Tali Weitzman - 08/04/2016

We rose to the top and floated on the surface of the Dead Sea; rising to the top is a common theme of the day. 

By Alexis Shanes - 08/02/2016

We spent the morning of our third day in the city of Tzfat, a mystical area known for the study of Kabballah. We explored the blue-painted alleys and a synagogue while learning about the history that surrounds this city and its people.

By Alexis Shanes - 08/02/2016

After lunch, we had a fascinating activity and discussion about Jewish values.

By Alexis Shanes - 08/02/2016

We spent our morning hiking in the Golan Heights, swimming in a freshwater spring, and taking in the beautiful views of the vast desert.

By Tali Weitzman - 08/02/2016

What better way to learn about the history of Jerusalem than walking the same paths that many of our ancestors had walked before?

By Shorashim - 07/05/2016

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